As part of What's My Vector? I had the idea that I wanted to take something very transient and ambigious (the daily airport data), and then use it to create an object with some permanance, and a more human quality to it.

I've always admired the tactile quality of screenprinting and thought this project offered the perfect opportunity to mix the digital with the analogue.

I restricted myself to being able to produce the entire piece in my studio without relying on outside agencies etc. Multiple national lockdowns helped with this tremondously :)

Instead of using photo emulsion and exposing the screens, I have been using my (modified) pen plotter to cut detailed paper stencils. I altered the code that generates the main body of work to output files that the pen plotter can read. Then using a vinyl cutting head I cut the stencils. In theory I can now go and find a dataset I like and then prepare a print from it.

This digital to analogue workflow is quite labour intensive in parts but the outcomes are very rewarding. I intend to pursue it further.