What’s Your Vector? is a generative art project by Michael Connolly that creates abstract graphic images driven by a combination of live weather data and the Gatwick data set.

It posts images online every six hours using a Twitter bot as well as archiving images on this website.

Using simple geometric shapes and a limited colour palette (based on live temperature data and wind speed / angle), the aim is to distill the complex logistics of air travel into a series of visually pleasing ‘snapshots’.

As the weather improves and (hopefully) as the COVID19 situation changes, we should see a noticible difference in the generated artworks.


The project is built using Processing, Node.js, and R.
It also makes use of the OpenWeatherMap API.


This project is supported by DRIVA Arts DRIVA (Digital Research and Innovation Accelerator) which is led by the University of Brighton and funded by the European Structural and Investment Fund and Arts Council England.

Many thanks to Professor Karen Cham, Dr Anestis Touloumis, Jennifer Wells, and Hina Patel.